Kurt Nimmo
October 28, 2008

  McCain campaign ad in response to Joe Biden’s warning.

It is not surprising that the McCain-Palin campaign, desperate to hobble the Obama-Biden lead, has exploited Joe Biden’s cryptic warning about Obama confronting a “test” if he is elected next month. In the ad here, the McCain campaign promises no such test will occur if their man is elected, as if the mere presence of McCain and Palin in the White House will evaporate any terrorist or economic threat.

Various indicators reveal that no matter who is elected, the elite plan an event to set in motion the final touches on their police state and military control grid. “Veteran Pentagon consultant Michael Bayer, chairman of the Defense Business Board, told his fellow panelists that the new president’s inner circle should ‘set aside time in transition to identify the planning, gravitas and interagency process necessary to respond to a likely first-270-day crisis,'” writes Noah Shachtman for Wired. Shachtman points to an article on the Defense Newsstand website.

“The next president is likely to face a major international crisis within his first nine months in office, according to a senior group of business advisers to the defense secretary,” the website reports. “Accordingly, the Defense Business Board says the new administration should set a goal to win Senate confirmation of key Pentagon posts in the first 30 days of the inauguration, in order to have a full team in place to deal with such a contingency.”

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Interestingly, the article mentions as past “challenges” the CIA and Eisenhower’s overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iran, the CIA’s failure in Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, and Johnson’s false flag pretext in the Gulf of Tonkin. Additional examples cited include Nixon’s illegal attack of Cambodia and Laos, Bush Senior’s preparations for the invasion of Panama, and Clinton’s management of the first World Trade Center bombing, a documented government operation.

In short, the Defense Business Board is warning us of another possible false flag operation. Like all other false flag operations, the one promised to occur within the first six months of an Obama or McCain administration will allow our rulers to further consolidate power and force a fresh of raft of draconian laws down our throats.

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