The establishment press focuses on the alleged sexual misconduct of former Speaker of the House, Denis Hastert, but the perversion that continues to abuse us all is the PATRIOT ACT that he helped pass.

Hastert, could face up to 530 years in jail. Not for alleged sexual misconduct while a high school coach, but for withdrawing his own cash in a manner prohibited by the PATRIOT ACT he passed. The supposed crime of “structuring”, depositing or withdrawing cash in a manner to avoid detection by the omniscient police state, could get Hastert a maximum penalty of 5 years for each of the 106 occurrences. He would have only gotten 6-55 years if he had robbed the bank.

It is also worth noting that if he had been found guilty of sexually molesting a minor, he would have gotten 4-15 years for first conviction far less 530 years for “structuring” cash withdrawals. This is Hastert’s legacy, the perverted legal system Hastert helped enact.

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