September 5, 2009

Byron Tripp comments:


Pastor Manning of Atlah Ministries in Harlem NY in this speech confirms my long held personal beliefs that nothing will change for the better in this country by going to ‘tea parties’ , ‘holding up signs’ , writing your congressman, and definitely by casting your ballots in the 2010 elections. Pastor Manning and I agree: What will change? It is going to have to take a real revolt – not the peaceful revolt that your conservatives call for when Democrats occupy the seats of power. Not a peaceful revolt that liberals call for when Republicans occupy the seats of power. Republicans and Democrats are the same! The Ruling Elite enjoy themselves watching Americans fighting over the crumbs from the table of power like starved dogs! Stop acting like starving dogs and realize they are laughing at us all because they know the truth: There is no choice in this country. There is a power in this country that controls both sides of the debate in all arenas: political, media, social, and economic. The real power in Washington is the people that finance the actors we call politicians. Once you stop lying to yourselves and break your mind free of the pre-programed Left / Right comfort zone you all have grown up in, you all will realize your personal futile struggles over policy are nothing but the Sunday games of the Ruling Elite.

As for me, I am sick of playing in their Sunday games.

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