An Arab Christian Pastor says that he has seen multiple ISIS flags in numerous different Swedish refugee centers and that staff at the centers are trying to radicalize newly arrived migrants.

Speaking to Swedish news outlet Världen Idag, Botros said both ISIS flags and ISIS music were being displayed and played in the migrant centers he visited and that he heard “expression(s) of pure Islamism”.

“In various asylum homes in the country, I have seen the ISIS flag,” said Botros.

Last year, a Swedish court ruled that flying the ISIS flag was not illegal because it “cannot be considered an incitement to racial hatred”.

The pastor also related how he had personally witnessed numerous cases of Muslims trying to convert to Christianity being threatened and harassed by Islamist migrants and staff, including one husband and wife.

“When they became Christians, the husband’s wife took off the veil. Then one threatened to kill her. The couple then searched for asylum in Germany,” said Botros.

Hörby municipality was also forced to terminate an agreement with a company that ran a home for youth migrants because the staff “tried to radicalize the people who lived there,” according to the report.

As we have exhaustively documented, Sweden is the liberal basketcase of Europe when it comes to the impact of the migrant crisis on the country’s obsession with political correctness.

Rapes of children and young women are skyrocketing, while in places like Malmo, shootings are now a regular occurrence. Illustrating the insanity that has gripped the country, some in Sweden are seeing the spike in injuries as a result of violent crime as a positive because it has enabled doctors to develop greater knowledge of treating wounds.

Sweden’s rabid multiculturalism has led to entire areas of major cities becoming no-go zone Islamic ghettos where non-Muslims are attacked. A new study recently found that 90% of shootings in Sweden are committed by migrants.

Earlier this year, veteran Swedish police officer Peter Springare blew the whistle on how in almost every violent crime he dealt with, the perpetrator had an Islamic name.

Some on the left in Sweden have advocated giving ISIS jihadists free housing, welfare and jobs upon their return from fighting alongside other terrorists in Syria and Iraq.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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