Shocking footage captured on a jetBlue flight shows an employee kicking a large family off the airplane after the mother had trouble keeping a mask on her 2-year-old daughter.

Posted online Wednesday, two separate videos of the incident show passengers on the flight yelling at the employee for removing the entire family over the issue.

At the beginning of the first clip, the mother told a stewardess, “Hi. Do you realize she’s two?”

“I do,” the jetBlue employee responded. “And, it’s not something we can excuse.”

“So, should I tie her hands? What should I do?” the mother asked.

The stewardess replied, “What we should do is you have to deplane.”

The mother quickly explained she had no intention of leaving the aircraft, having paid for her flight, and said she’d try to keep the mask on her daughter to the best of her capabilities.

“I can do my best. I can get her to eat,” the mother pleaded. “If she has a pacifier in her mouth is that a problem too?”

Despite attempting to obey the jetBlue employee’s request of masking her daughter, the stewardess forced the woman’s family off the flight.

“I paid for these flights and these are my seats and I have six kids,” the mother said, pointing to her children across the aisle.

When the stewardess refused to give the woman a second chance, the entire airplane erupted in support of the mother.

“She didn’t do anything wrong,” a man shouted.

Again, the mother begged the employee to let the family stay on the flight, saying, “I’ll put on her mask,” but the stewardess said, “It’s already too late.”

At this point, the upset passengers once again voiced their anger, telling the employee the company website and a speaker announcement on the flight both state children don’t have to wear masks.

According to the jetBlue website, “All travelers 2 years and older must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth throughout their journey, including during check-in, boarding, while in flight and deplaning.”

In a video taken by another passenger on the flight, more disgruntled customers can be heard criticizing the jetBlue employee for the overzealous enforcement of the mask policy.

“She’s got a mask,” one man can be heard yelling as a woman shrieked, “It’s a baby!”

Another man told passengers, “I think everyone on this plane should complain about this today.”

“Let’s all get off,” a woman responded. “We should just all get off. Really. What you’re doing is irrational.”

Typically when a passenger is unruly others celebrate their removal, but in this case they screamed, “You can’t get them off the plane. Leave her alone.”

“Complain to jetBlue! Everyone call customer service on jetBlue,” an angry man told other passengers.

Just last week, a family with a 3-year-old autistic boy was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight when the child became distraught over his face mask and removed it.

The reaction of the passengers on the flight proves even those who comply with ridiculous mask decrees are getting fed up with the tyrannical enforcement of the policies.

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