Darren Smith
Jonathan Turley.org
February 17, 2014

The code of DUI offender silence was violated in Mexico after police allegedly contacted a driver at a checkpoint, suspecting him of drunk driving. As Guillermo Reyes stepped out of the car, his parrot called out “Está borracho, Está borracho!” Spanish for “He’s drunk, He’s drunk !” Police at first believed the parrot’s voice to be that of a passenger.

Reportedly the parrot was correct as Guillermo was later arrested for DUI.

Animal control authorities worried the parrot would die if not allowed to stay with his owner. Corrections officers then permitted the parrot to stay with Guillermo for the two days he served in jail. It must have been a rather difficult situation locked up in a cell together; the betrayal, the embarrassment, glaring eyes and petty insults tell it all.

Source: New York Daily News

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