A clip from the 2013 Oscars offers yet more evidence that Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior towards women was known throughout the industry.

During the clip, actor Seth McFarlane makes a joke about actresses feigning attraction to Weinstein in order to get ahead in Hollywood.

Reading out the five females who were nominated in the Supporting Actress category, McFarlane comments, “Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.”

The audience of Hollywood celebrities immediately roars out in laughter in response to the quip.

The joke is obviously a reference to Weinstein’s threats to ruin women’s careers and prevent them from becoming successful if they did not tolerate his sexual advances.

Another joke from Tina Fey’s 30 Rock was also a tell that Weinstein was infamous for being intimidating towards women.

“Oh please, I’m not afraid of anyone in show business,” Fey’s character tells Tracy Morgan’s. “I turned down intercourse with Harvey Weinstein on no less than three occasions… out of five.”

This is yet more proof that Weinstein’s predatory sexual tendencies were notorious throughout Hollywood.

One of Weinstein’s alleged victims, French actress Emma de Caunes, told the New Yorker that knowledge of Weinstein’s proclivities was widespread.

“I know that everybody—I mean everybody—in Hollywood knows that it’s happening,” de Caunes said. “He’s not even really hiding. I mean, the way he does it, so many people are involved and see what’s happening. But everyone’s too scared to say anything.”


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