The Mayor of Orlando, Florida, Buddy Dyer, has declared a state of emergency in the city following the Sunday shooting at a nightclub that claimed 50 lives.

Dyer has asked Florida Governor Rick Scott to declare a state of emergency for the entire state.

“We will devote every resource available to assist with the shooting in Orlando. Our state emergency operations center is also monitoring this tragic incident,” Scott said.

Dyer did not specify what the state of emergency means for residents.

On June 6, the state declared a state of emergency for 34 coastal counties as Tropical Storm Colin approached.

“The phrase ‘state of emergency’ will pique people’s interest. We need to do a better job to explain up from what it means. Too often we hear ‘state of emergency’ and that is the headline instead of the explanation. It is one of the steps in the process that is designed to keep everyone safe,” Aaron Gallaher of the Florida Division of Emergency Management told the Herald-Tribune.

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