Aaron Dykes
Infowars News
January 10, 2012

Tonight, on the Tuesday, January 10, 2012 edition of the Infowars Nightly News, Alex Jones speaks with guest Frederick, a listener who kicked off the boycott against website hosting giant GoDaddy over its support for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) legislation that many fear will be the downfall of Internet freedom and enable a crackdown on dissent on the basis of reported copyright violation.

Frederick helped domain owners move their sites, sparking tens of thousands of withdraws, which soon forced GoDaddy to publicly disavow SOPA in order to save its reputation online. It is truly the story of what one person can do when they stand up to the system in effort to make a difference.

Later, Alex covers the Christmas card sent out from Fox News headquarters that proves the media spin-masters think little of their viewers.The card features a sled race led by a fox, with the ‘big three’ TV networks following behind, all pulled by sheep. The card depicts dramatically what critics of the (falsely-dubbed) “mainstream” presstitute media have observed for years– that these news outlets knowingly deceive their audiences, spin facts, omit truths and tell lies– all thinking their viewers too stupid to know better. Now, their depiction as sheep, blindly heeding the commands of the predator Fox, have been exposed and inked into memory.

Also in focus is the primary vote in New Hampshire, following heavy attacks on presidential candidate Ron Paul leading into the vote. One shill reporter in particular, Dana Bash at CNN, was caught on video expressing her desire that Paul not move forward, directly following a hit piece trying to portray the Texas Congressman in a bad light after being swarmed by press and unable to connect with voters he’d planned to meet. “I’m sure you talk to Republicans who are worried as well, just like I am, that Ron Paul will continue on long into the Spring and Summer,” Bash stated, insisting that Ron Paul’s presence in the race will somehow ‘hurt’ the eventual nominee (which she assumes will not be Paul).

Likewise, supporters of Jon Huntsman have owned up to creating a ‘racist, anti-Huntsman ad’ meant to smear Ron Paul and his supporters as bigots and hate-mongers. A consulting firm hired by the Paul campaign came to the same conclusion after analyzing the video.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that Homeland Security is actively monitoring journalists, declaring authorization to track and store data, including that published on social networking sites. There’s no clear rationale for spying on news reporters, particularly with the bloated agency charged with keeping the country safe from threats and presumably not meant to act as a Stasi force intent on chilling free speech.

Alex also covers the Kurt Nimmo article, Another Dim Bulb Terror Patsy Nabbed by FBI , wherein Nimmo writes on the latest ‘foiled terror plot’: “There is apparently no shortage of mental deficients who claim they are Muslims and are easily duped by FBI “undercover employees” into ludicrous terror plots that never materialize.”

The dangers of biological warfare, fostered by government agencies, is demonstrated in fresh articles like “An Engineered Doomsday” where a NY Times op-ed claims that the National Institute of Health should never have conducted research on a flu virus that could potentially kill ‘tens or hundreds of millions’ if it ever escaped labs. Alex puts this news of the day in perspective with a host of admitted dangers caused by the industries supposedly trying to save us– from laughing about cancer viruses added to vaccines to blood supplies tainted with AIDs and much more.

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