A public library in Delaware, Ohio is set to host “Drag 101” classes for teenagers who want to learn how to cross-dress and perform in front of a crowd.

The Delaware County District Library will be the home of the class taught by 29-year-old drag queen Selena T. West, whose “boy name” is Kyle Gayle.

“The class is Drag 101, the building blocks of how to do drag,” said West.

West also oddly claimed the class has “nothing to do with sex or gender identity at all.”

Many would argue that young men selecting female stage names and dressing in women’s clothing and makeup has something to do with both sex and gender identity.

Republican Senate Candidate Melissa Ackison said she’s concerned about the vetting process of candidates who will teach the course, asking if there are background checks.

Ackison’s concern is understandable as earlier this year in Houston, Texas multiple members of the city’s Drag Queen Story Hour were outed as pedophiles.

She also questioned whether it is an appropriate use of tax dollars or if it’s an appropriate class for kids.

NBC 4 covered the controversial class in the following segment:

West describes the class in detail in the video below:

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