Andrew Steele
America 20xy
August 27, 2010

Hoping  that average Americans overlook  news sources like Raw Story, which reported this week  that protestors tried to stop buses of soldiers who were being deployed to Iraq, the teleprompter-in-chief is planning to stare America straight in the eye and do what he does best — tell people what they want to hear and look good doing it.


Though showing restraint in not landing an airplane on an aircraft carrier or wearing a jumpsuit….preferring a simple Oval Office message instead…Obama is going to announce on TV the end of formal combat operations in Iraq.  What shall continue apparently is the informal occupation that was hoped for by the Bush administration just after the initial blitz of Iraq commenced and before the Iraqi people really started fighting back.  Since the White House and Pentagon have a different definition of “Mission Accomplished” than most Americans do, (most believing that the end of the war means the complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq), the cable TV crowd has made a point of using selective language such as “just under 50,000″ and “non-combat operations” in talking about the fake withdrawal, hardly mentioning the surge of mercenaries coming into Iraq to fill the void.

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Iraq of course is only one theatre in America’s War of Terror.  Earlier this week the World Socialist Website ran a story which pointed out that the U.S. is going to spend $1.3 billion on military bases in Afghanistan that won’t be completed until 2012…long after the July 2011 withdrawal start date that Obama cites when trying to reassure his increasingly hostile constituents that the wars are coming to an end.


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