Kurt Nimmo
August 3, 2012

Cass Sunstein, Obama’s administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Office of Management and Budget, has announced his departure. He will leave later this month and return to Harvard Law School.

Sunstein gained notoriety on a number of fronts. He called for dispatching government agents to sabotage individuals and groups opposed to government – most notably those at odds with the official 9/11 narrative – and suggested the government hold people responsible for the information they post on the internet.

In May of 2011, former president Bill Clinton adopted Sunstein’s idea of creating an internet Ministry of Truth.

“Couching the idea in the kind of doublespeak rhetoric that would make George Orwell roll in his grave, Clinton said that the agency would have to be ‘independent’ and ‘transparent,’ but that it would be created and run by the federal government – a complete oxymoron,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote at the time.

In addition to proposing a new COINTELPRO to attack enemies of the state on the internet, Sunstein worked to craft minutiae of the emerging globalist order. In April of this year, he penned a piece for the Wall Street Journal calling for an attack on national sovereignty. He wrote that “unnecessary regulatory differences across nations” are harmful to the “interdependent global economy,” in other words the globalist dream of a one-world economic dictatorship driven by the elite and their unelected apparatchiks.

“President Obama has worked closely with his Canadian and Mexican counterparts to create High-Level Regulatory Cooperation Councils with both countries,” Sunstein wrote, lauding the effort to fashion a North American Union. “The councils are developing and implementing plans to eliminate or prevent the creation of unnecessary burdens on cross-border trade, streamline regulatory requirements, and promote greater certainty for the general public and for businesses in the regulation of food, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology and other areas.” He also noted that work continues to “harmonize” one world government in partnership with the European Union.

Boris Bershteyn, the budget office’s general counsel, will replace Sunstein as acting director. Bershteyn is a natural choice. He was born in the Soviet Union, earned his law chops at Yale, and was selected as a “fellow” by the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans. Paul Soros is the elder brother of the notorious globalist and darling of the financial class, George Soros.

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