Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, August 2, 2010

Congressman tacitly admits that United States is run by federal dictatorship, Constitution is worthless

Pro-Obamacare Congressman Pete Stark outraged attendees at a town hall meeting in Hayward California recently when he responded to criticism surrounding the constitutional basis of government run health care by claiming that the federal government had the power to do anything.

An attendee asked Stark to explain his claim that health care was now a right rather than a privilege in light of the fact that government imposed Obamacare “infringes the inalienable rights of other people” under the Constitution. The attendee pointed out that to mandate others to provide a service was a form of slavery and therefore violated the 13th amendment to the Constitution.

Watch the clip.

If Obamacare was constitutional, added the attendee, then there was no foreseeable limit on what the federal government could do to dictate to Americans how to run their private lives.

Stark responded by claiming the Constitution didn’t stop the federal government from creating “rules” that could affect the private lives of Americans, despite the fact that this is explicitly what the Constitution was created to restrict.

The Constitution, “specifically prohibits slavery and when you tell somebody you have a right to get a service from another that’s essentially saying you get to make that person do something for you and that is a form of slavery,” stated the attendee, adding that if the feds could do this then they could do anything.

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“The federal government – yes – can do most anything in this country,” responded Stark, a statement that prompted a loud chorus of dissent from the crowd.

“You sir and people that think like you are destroying this nation,” responded the attendee, to which Stark reacted by nonchalantly nodding his head.

This is not the first time that Stark’s behavior at a town hall meeting has caused controversy. The Congressman displayed similar contempt for his constituents during a June 26 town hall meeting in Freemont California, when he insinuated that people concerned about border security wanted to murder illegal immigrants.

Stark taunted a member of the Minutemen organization when he asked, “Who’re you going to kill today?”

Throughout his political career, Stark has been an enthusiastic advocate of government run health care, causing controversy over the issue as far back as 1990 when he called then Health and Human Services Secretary Louis Wade Sullivan, an African American, “a disgrace to his race” for opposing Stark’s national health insurance proposal.

For a sitting member of Congress to openly declare that the Constitution is virtually null and void, and that the federal government has a stranglehold on power in the United States, is another startling indication of how the majority of so-called Representatives on Capitol Hill are complicit in the overthrow of the country as a Constitutional Republic.

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