Kurt Nimmo
January 3, 2009

It is a glaring example that there is precious little difference between so-called liberals and conservatives on the subject of the government’s response to manufactured terrorism — the “progressive” Chris Matthews claims to be worried about terrorists boarding planes who know Kung Fu.

Matthews spewed this blather on MSNBC the other day. He was serious.

Matthews, of course, is merely parroting the government line that we have to “go after the terrorists.” It’s his job to keep the phony GWOT front and center. There is virtually no difference between MSNBC and Fox News on this. Both read from the same Pentagon script.

Getting serious about false flag terrorism means you’ll have to parade naked before TSA goons the next time you fly to see granny in Philly or take that business trip to save your company from extinction thanks to the bankster engineered depression now unfolding. The absurd and transparent underwear bomber fiasco has provided the government with an excuse to push their dangerous body scanners on the public. Gordon Brown is now demanding these machines be placed in all of Britain’s airports.

[efoods]Meanwhile, Obama dispatched John Brennan to the Sunday talking head shows to peddle the al-Qaeda is going to get us message. “We’re determined to destroy al Qaeda,” Brennan told ABC News This Week. “And we’re working very closely not just with the Yemenis, but with our international partners, with the British, with the Saudis, and others, to make sure that we provide the Yemeni government the wherewithal to carry out this fight against al Qaeda.”

Brennan’s message lines up nicely with the one delivered by Gordon Brown last week. Brown wants to convene a summit with world leaders at the end of the month so they can best plan how to bomb Yemen and kill more villagers, who are of course with al-Qaeda. Yemen will be bombed back to the Stone Age (a not too difficult task, since the impoverished “failed state” is not too far removed from the Stone Age now, partly due to the IMF and its “structural adjustment” loan sharking operation).

Never mind Brennan’s glaring conflict of interest. He was CEO of the private company the government used to help manage a key terrorism database before he joined the administration. White House ethics counsel Norm Eisen has issued a waiver for Brennan. Former CIA bureaucrats like Brennan are above the law. After all, we are engaged in a war that will last decades, if not centuries, as the former administration told us. No time to waste on legalities.

Finally, in order to hype the message that al-Qaeda is out there and gunning for us, the U.S. has shuttered its embassy in Yemen this weekend. “I think it underscores the threat that al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula poses to U.S. interests,” Brennan told the talking heads at Mockingbird Central, ABC News division. “We looked at the intelligence that is available as far as the plans for al Qaeda to carry out attacks in Sanaa possibly against our embassy, possibly against U.S. personnel, and decided it was the prudent thing to do to shut the embassy,” Brennan said.

John Brennan on Fox News Sunday talks about the embassy closure.

It won’t be long now. Bombs will probably rain on Yemen before Easter.

In the days and weeks ahead, we can expect the same message from the so-called liberals and conservatives: al-Qaeda is in Yemen, they know Kung Fu, and we have to send in the Marines and create another front in the global war on manufactured terrorism.

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