Former Obama White house Press Secretary Josh Earnest has said that the former president will speak out against the current White House incumbent if he feels that Trump crosses “clear red lines”.

Earnest made the comments during an interview on MSNBC, when asked about Obama’s previous promise to get involved if he sees America’s “core values” as being under threat from the Trump administration.

“After the last eight years, the president doesn’t relish the prospect of getting back into the day-to-day fights that characterize governing the United States of America in the 21st century,” Earnest said, adding “He spent the last eight years doing it, it’s somebody else’s turn to do that now.”

“What would motivate President Obama to reengage in the political debate,” Earnest continued, “is if we saw the federal government start to cross some clear red lines in terms of long-observed norms and values that frankly I think that we started to take for granted.”

The former press secretary went on to suggest that the deportation of so called DREAMers may be one such red line, given that immigrants under that umbrella were promised by the Obama administration that information collected about them would not be used in such a way.

“It also would be a pretty stark departure from the values of this country,” Earnest said. “That signal that people who want an opportunity to succeed here and are willing to follow the law and make a substantial positive contribution their community should be given a chance.”

The use of the phrase ‘red lines’ by Earnest didn’t go unnoticed, given Obama’s previous usage of the term:

The interview with Earnest came about after Obama made his first public appearance since Trump’s inauguration in February, which leftist news networks poured adoration over.

Speaking at the University of Chicago, Obama talked about his time as a “community organizer,” and refrained from referring to Trump or anything to do with Washington.

“I’m spending a lot of time thinking about what is the most important thing I can do for my next job?” Obama said onstage. “The single most important thing I can do is to help in any way I can prepare the next generation of leadership, to take up the baton, and to take their own crack at changing the world.”

In addition to thinking about what he can do to confront economic inequality, Obama will also be cashing a check for $400,000 to speak at Wall Street investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald’s healthcare conference this September, according to a new report:

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