April 29, 2012

Without a doubt, Barack Obama is gearing up to use the death of Osama bin Laden as an ace card in his bid for re-election in 2012. The only problem is the entire story is pure fiction. Below, you’ll find plenty of evidence to make that clear.

Alex Jones and his writers at have worked exhaustively to expose the hoax of the War on Terror that centered around Osama bin Laden and the 9/11 attacks, which was clearly staged to goad the public into war. Alex predicted the attacks in the summer before it happened. Bin Laden, whose family was partners with the Bush family and others in the West for decades, reportedly died after ongoing medical issues in 2001 or 2002, while some 9 other reports of his death have circulated over the years. Al Qaeda was built up and used by the Pentagon as a weapon for war, first battling the Soviets, later supporting efforts in the Balkans, and maturing into a boogie man for the West.

Here’s a brief recap of some of this vital info:

Exclusive: ‘Bin Laden Dead’ Hoax Exposed

Obama and his advisors have done nothing more or less than scripting an end for Bin Laden to score expedient political points. Like other movie villains, resurrections, sequels and side stories can all be arranged to continue the narrative as needed.

A. Passing the Ball to Obama: Continuing the Bin Laden Hoax

FLASHBACK: 10 Facts That Prove The Bin Laden Fable Is a Contrived Hoax

Red Alert: Government Had Osama bin Laden Frozen for Years

Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones
May 1, 2011

In February, 2004, Iranian state radio claimed Osama bin Laden had been captured in Pakistan’s border region with Afghanistan “a long time ago.” Pentagon and Pakistani officials denied the report. “Osama bin Laden has been arrested a long time ago, but Bush is intending to use it for propaganda maneuvering in the presidential election,” the radio report said.

Osama bin Laden died of kidney failure soon after the September 11, 2001, attacks. In 2002, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said bin Laden had kidney disease, and that he had required a dialysis machine when he lived in Afghanistan. That same year, the FBI’s top counterterrorism official, Dale Watson, said, “I personally think he is probably not with us anymore.”

A Taliban leader told the Pakistan Observer on December 21, 2002, that Bin Laden was suffering from a serious lung complication and died in mid-December, in the vicinity of the Tora Bora mountains. The source claimed that bin Laden was laid to rest honorably in his last abode and his grave was made as per his Wahabi belief, according to Fox News.

Obama Shamefully Exploits Bin Laden Fairytale In Transparent PR Stunt

Paul Joseph Watson
May 3, 2011

Mirroring how George W. Bush stood on the rubble of the twin towers to perform a staged public relations stunt in the aftermath of 9/11 as he enjoyed a huge surge in popular approval, Barack Obama is attempting to pull off the same trick, invoking “9/11-style unity” and busily heading to ground zero tomorrow to shamefully exploit the Bin Laden fairytale his administration has crafted.

Osama Bin Laden Pronounced Dead… For the Ninth Time

James Corbett
The Corbett Report
May 2, 2011

When Obama pronounced Osama Bin Laden dead in a televised announcement heard round the world last night, he was at least the ninth major head of state or high-ranking government official to have done so.

Given Bin Laden’s documented kidney problems and consequent need for dialysis, government officials, heads of state and counterterrorism experts have repeatedly opined that Osama Bin Laden has in fact been dead for some time. These assertions are based on Bin Laden’s failing health in late 2001 and visible signs of his deteriorating condition, as well as actual reports of his death from the same time frame.

In July of 2001, Osama Bin Laden was flown to the American Hospital in Dubai for kidney treatment. According to French intelligence sources, he was there met by the local CIA attache. When the agent bragged about his encounter to friends later, he was promptly recalled to Washington.

B. Staging an End: Phony Raid, Staged Situation Room Photos, Body Dumped At Sea, No Photos Shown

Pre-Raid Intelligence Doubted Bin Laden Was In Pakistani Compound

London Telegraph
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A last-minute double-check of intelligence before the raid that killed Osama bin Laden cast fresh doubt on whether he was really in the Pakistani compound where he was found, according to a new documentary.

Obama: “We Could Not Say Definitively That Bin Laden Was There”

Paul Joseph Watson
May 9, 2011

During his 60 Minutes interview with CBS News last night, Barack Obama admitted that US intelligence was only 55/45 confident that Bin Laden was even in the compound raided last Sunday night, fearing that the occupant could actually have been a “prince from Dubai,” a skepticism shared by residents of Abbottabad, one of whom told the BBC that the man seen watching television in the tapes released by the White House Saturday was in fact his neighbor, not Bin Laden.Source: White House photo

Staged: White House “Situation Room” Photos Part Of Bin Laden Fable

Paul Joseph Watson
May 5, 2011

On Tuesday, the White House released provocative images that purported to show, “US President Barack Obama watching live footage of the operation that killed Osama bin Laden.”

But the claims have been proven to be completely fraudulent.

Alongside the crumbling official narrative of the operation to kill Bin Laden, it has emerged that Obama, Clinton and their staff saw virtually nothing whatsoever of the mission that allegedly led to the assassination of Bin Laden, because according to CIA director Leon Panetta, there was a 25 minute blackout of the live feed which was cut off before the US Navy SEALS even entered the building.

Head Of CIA – Reports Obama Watched Bin Laden Die Are Lies, Admits NO LIVE VIDEO FOOTAGE of Assassination Raid

Alexander Higgins
May 5, 2011

The head of the CIA admitted yesterday that there was no live video footage of the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound as further doubts emerged about the US version of events, basically proving several days of news reports were lies.

Obama was playing golf until 20 minutes before Navy SEALs began mission to take out Bin Laden

UK Daily Mail
Monday, November 7, 2011

In the official photograph, he looked every inch the commander in chief. Strain etched on his face, Barack Obama watched as the raid to kill Osama bin Laden played out on a television in front of him.

According to a new book, however, the President was not nearly that engaged – and was actually playing golf until 20 minutes before the operation began in earnest.

Stratfor Wanted To Show Bin Laden Body Photos To Shut Up “Lunatics Like Alex Jones & Glenn Beck”

Wikileaks email dump shows Stratfor’s Burton concerned about skepticism concerning Osama narrative

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The deluge of emails released a result of the recent Wikileaks data dump includes a brief note from Stratfor’s vice president for intelligence Fred Burton in which he urges the U.S. government to show photos of Osama Bin Laden’s corpse in order to silence “lunatics like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck” who had questioned the government’s official narrative behind the death of the terror mastermind.

WikiLeaks Email: Bin Laden’s Corpse Not Dumped at Sea

Stratfor Claims Osama’s Body Brought to US

Jason Ditz
March 04, 2012

In May of last year, the US killing of Osama bin Laden was immediately followed by debate over the disposal of his corpse. The Obama Administration claimed bin Laden was put in a bag and hurled into the sea, which it insisted was “in keeping with Islamic practices,” whereas some were calling for his body to be kept around so it could be overtly desecrated.

WikiLeaks’s release of Stratfor emails, however, shows that the company’s Vice President Fred Burton did not believe that was the case, and told members of the company’s mailing list that bin Laden’s corpse was “Dover bound,” referring to the Dover Air Force Base which is also the site to which US soldiers slain overseas are brought.

Dumped in the Arabian Sea: Will White House now release video of Bin Laden’s dead body and burial at sea?

Daily Mail
May 3, 2011

President Barack Obama and White House staff were today debating the release of a video showing Osama bin Laden being buried at sea.

The dead terror chief was given an Islamic burial in the North Arabian Sea in a bid to stop his fanatical followers turning his final resting place into a shrine.

Judge Orders Images of Osama bin Laden Killing Not to be Released

The Guardian
April 26, 2012

A federal judge has refused to order Barack Obama’s administration to release pictures and video of the US military operation that killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan almost a year ago.

Hoax: White House Claims 4-Year-Old Bin Laden Video Is New Footage

Dubious Bin Laden “Home Movies” Identical To Tapes Released 4 Years Ago By Pentagon Front Group

Paul Joseph Watson
Saturday, May 7, 2011

In a desperate effort to bolster its crumbling official narrative, the White House today released a set of dubious Bin Laden “home movies” purportedly seized from his compound during the raid on Sunday night that it claims show Bin Laden on camera in 2010, but the tapes are almost identical to footage released almost four years ago by a notorious Pentagon front group that acts as a conduit for US intelligence by regularly releasing fake Al-Qaeda videos.

Jesse Ventura Questions Obama’s Narrative Of Bin Laden Raid

Paul Joseph Watson
May 10, 2011

“I’ve been lied to so much I question everything the government tells me,” Ventura said, adding that the Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman cover-ups made him suspect the official version of last Sunday’s events.

Obama: My ‘Drawdown in Iraq Allowed Us’ to Get Bin Laden

Terence P. Jeffrey
CNS News
October 23, 2011

In statements delivered Friday and Saturday, President Barack Obama said it was his drawdown of U.S. troops in Iraq that allowed the U.S. to “refocus” on al Qaeda and get Osama bin Laden.

However, according to a report published by the New York Times on May 3, crucial intelligence that allowed the U.S. to locate Bin Laden came from an al Qaeda operative who had been captured by U.S. forces in 2004 in Iraq.

C. Tying Loose Ends: Witnesses Doubted the Bin Laden Raid; Strange Death for SEAL Team 6

Pakistan TV Report Contradicts US Claim of Bin Laden’s Death

Paul Craig Roberts
August 8, 2011

In my recent article, “Creating Evidence Where There Is None,” about the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden by a commando team of US Seals in Abbottabad, Pakistan, I provided a link to a Pakistani National TV interview with Muhammad Bashir, who lives next door to the alleged “compound” of Osama bin Laden. I described the story that Bashir gave of the “attack” and its enormous difference from the one told by the US government. In Bashair’s account, every member of the landing party and anyone brought from the house died when the helicopter exploded on lift-off. I wrote that a qualified person could easily provide a translation of the interview, but that no American print or TV news organization had investigated Bashir’s account.

Eyewitness to OBL Raid Saw Helicopter Explode (TRANSCRIPT)

TRANSCRIPT of critical interview with Pakistani eyewitness to Bin Laden raid posted below this video. THERE IS NEED for a good activist to combine this transcript with the video, as no version with subtitles appears readily available.


Bashir: We were awake, not asleep, a helicopter came, some men came down from that, into that house, then that helicopter went away

Reporter: How many men?

Bashir: 10-12, then that helicopter took rounds of those rear hills, then he came bac…k and when he came bach, two more helicopters arrived, one from the west and other from the north, there was a blast in the first helicopter and it was on fire, we immediately came out, when we reached there, the helicopter was burning, then after about 20 minutes the army and police arrived, they pushed us back, now we are asking that if oama was here then who took him to america because all those men that came in the helicopter died in the blast, now if Osama was in that helicopter he must have died and got burnt in that helicopter too, then how they took him? this is a question of serious concern. America claims they they killed him and picked him up. How they picked him up? This is what we are thinking

Reporter: Was there only one helicopter?

Bashir: Yes the other that came flew away to Mansehra, there was only one that landed the men and came back to pick them but as he was picking them up, it blew away and caught fire.

Reporter: Then were in it when it blew?

Bashir: Yes They were. […]

Dead Men Don’t Talk: US Navy Seals Destroyed to Cover Up Washington’s Bin Laden Execution Hoax?

Finian Cunningham
Global Research
Aug 8, 2011

The wiping out of 30 US special forces in the Chinook helicopter crash in Afghanistan comes at a time when Washington’s official version of how it carried out the assassination of Osama bin Laden was falling apart from incredulity.

Among the 38 dead in the helicopter disaster – the biggest single loss of American lives in the 10-year Afghanistan war of occupation – are believed to have been several of the 17 US Navy Seals involved in the execution of Osama bin Laden in early May. The dead also include other members of US special forces and Afghan commandos.

Early Western news media reports indicated that the Chinook may have been involved in a significant military operation against Afghan militants when it went down in Wardak Province, not far west from the capital, Kabul, early Saturday.

Taliban sources are reported to have claimed that its militants shot down the Chinook with rocket fire.

D. Celebrating the Empire: Obama Gains Approval Points, Drunken America Celebrates Death

Obama Gets Massive 13 Point Bounce From Contrived Bin Laden Raid
May 11, 2011

Here’s a reminder that the vast majority of Americans are amongst the most gullible people on the planet. President Obama’s ability to pose as a “tough guy” over the contrived fable of the Bin Laden raid, allied with a return to simple-minded Bush-style terror fearmongering and helpful media spin on the economy, has enabled him to secure a massive 13 point bounce in approval ratings.

Outside White House after Bin Ladens Death Madness
May 2, 2011

E. ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’: Using Bin Laden’s Death for Re-election & Propaganda

President Obama Is Selling Fear And War To Win Re-Election in 2012

Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
Monday, October 17, 2011

Three years ago, President Obama cynically sold hope and change to get elected. He promised to initiate diplomatic talks with Iran, bring an end to the Iraq war, undo Bush-era laws, and create millions of new jobs.

This time around, President Obama is copying Bush by selling fear and war to keep his job.

The Bush administration did this on purpose. They released fake Bin Laden videotapes created by the CIA just in time to help Bush get re-elected.

And the only political tactic that can achieve such a miracle is an act of state terror and mass murder. The evildoers in the White House and Israel need to stage another event like 9/11. Or probably an even bigger event that will shift global public opinion towards supporting a war with either Iran, or Pakistan, or both.

SEAL Team 6 film in time for elections?

Osama Bin Laden Movie: Film Depicting Raid In The Works

Andrea Devaro
May 27, 2011

Columbia Pictures has won distribution rights for a film that will focus on the raid that killed the man behind the September 11 World Trade Center attacks, Osama bin Laden.

Obama under fire for giving Hurt Locker director access to Navy SEALs to make Bin Laden film

Mail Online
August 11, 2011

Hollywood is looking to shed light on the top-secret commandos who killed the world’s top terrorist, and the White House is helping, one congressman says.

The U.S.’s top brass is reportedly giving filmmakers the inside scoop to all things Navy SEAL for a movie about the squad who took out Osama bin Laden.

Tom Hanks-short film celebrating Obama’s big kill…

Long dead patsy still comes up trumps for establishment

Steve Watson
March 14, 2012

The Obama 2012 campaign has launched it’s reelection campaign by drawing on the mythical version of events played out last year following the supposed assassination of Osama Bin Laden.

The campaign will release a 17 minute video later this week, narrated by hollywood actor Tom Hanks, as an opening salvo in the struggle to win a second term for the president.

An action movie-style teaser clip released yesterday solely highlights the so called Bin Laden raid and features vice president Joe Biden and former president Bill Clinton talking up the event.

“He took the harder and more honorable path,” Clinton says, adding “When I saw what had happened I thought to myself, I hope that’s the call I would’ve made”. >>>Read article

Tough Decisions: “The Road We’ve Traveled” – Obama for America 2012

Pop Culture: Obama Killed Osama Action Figures

Bill Richardson: Killing bin Laden Means Obama Can Pass a Climate Bill

Greg Pollowitz
National Review Online
May 5, 2011

Sure it does:

A BOLD CALL — Also at the gala was former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who said he thinks Osama bin Laden’s death might give him Obama enough political power to pass a climate bill. Either way, he called on the president to reengage on the climate debate, and cautioned environmentalists that they couldn’t afford to wait for a friendlier Congress: “You know if we do that, we’re doomed,” he said.

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