Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett was scorched on Twitter after tweeting a seemingly random statement about “minor children” being “off limits.”

In a tweet made Sunday without any supplemental context, Jarrett said: “Minor children should be off limits. Full stop.”

Though Jarrett’s statement itself is morally obvious but unclear in context, perplexed users on Twitter had their own ideas, with the majority of comments pointing out Jarrett’s connections to Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta and the strange references made in his emails leaked by WikiLeaks in 2016.

As the FBI noted, pedophile networks commonly use code words and symbols to coordinate their insidious activities to each other.

In leaked Stratfor emails released by WikiLeaks in 2012, one message between Obama and Stratfor CEO Fred Burton mention purchasing $65,000 worth of hotdogs for a small event, which some users believe was pedophiliac code language.

Others suggested Jarrett was simply covering for herself before important revelations about D.C. child trafficking surface.

One user pointed out the elite’s (including the Clintons, British Royalty, Hollywood celebrities) connections to late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his flight logs showing prominent Democrats and others traveled to Epstein’s infamous private island nicknamed “Pedophile Island.”

Another user referenced the Justice Department Inspector General report into Hillary Clinton’s email investigation by the FBI noting on Page 294 that analysis of Anthony Weiner’s laptop seized in 2016 found thousands of emails related to “crimes against children.”

Several emails in Podesta’s leaked trove discuss matters in suspicious contexts, mentioning things like “pizza-related handerchiefs” and “walnut sauce” in subjects that apparently make no sense.

Jarrett could have simply been referring to using children to play politics, such as invoking President Trump’s young son Barron to make a political point, which several celebrities and media figures have done in the past, but without the proper context, it’s difficult to know for sure.


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The Clinton’s had their own little village on Epstein’s Pedo Island. A psychologist warns us we better realize Epstein, Clintons, Jimmy Saville, Dennis Hastert, etc are not aberrations but typical of the elite.

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