A reporter with OANN fired back at leftist journalists in the White House press corps who wrote a passive aggressive note after she asked the President whether ‘Chinese food’ is racist.

Chanel Rion of the One America News Network asked the question to make the point that the leftist media is parroting communist Chinese narratives about the spread of the coronavirus, and obsessing about Trump calling it ‘the Chinese virus’.


Rion’s question triggered leftist reporters into a frenzy, and prompted one to leave a passive aggressive note. Of course, it was anonymous:

Rion wrote a scathing letter in response to the note, stating “I don’t give a damn about whether the presumably delicate sensitivities of the brutal Chinese Communist Party are offended or not”:

During the same press briefing that this stemmed from, the President quipped that there was not enough social distancing between the journalists and that some of them needed to be gotten rid of:

Trump repeatedly referred to the coronavirus as ‘the Chinese virus’ again, and had even written the phrase into his notes, crossing out and replacing ‘coronavirus’:

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