A recent New York Times Magazine cover features a map of the United States with New Mexico labeled “Mexico,” fueling speculation the error may have been intentional given the “global” context of the cover.

The magazine, which its staff described as a “global issue,” came out on Feb. 22 but it wasn’t until recently that New Mexico residents noticed their state was mislabeled on the cover.

“If they can’t get a fact right, I wonder how true the rest of their articles are?” N.M. resident Virginia J. lamented.

The cover shows a man “erasing the surface of a troubled earth,” according to the description, and only the U.S. remains, which likely alludes to the global takeover of the world with America as the last holdout.

“All at once there is equal terror and peace,” the description added.

Given the global overtones of the cover, it’s not a stretch to suggest the mislabeling of N.M. as Mexico was intentional.

For one thing, the Council on Foreign Relations, a “global governance” think tank with strong ties to the New York Times, has spent years trying to eradicate U.S. national sovereignty in favor of an EU-style North American Union between the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Back in 2005, CFR politicians from the three countries met in Texas to advocate a “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America,” including a common North American “security perimeter,” a “North American Border Pass with biometric identifiers” and a “temporary worker program” which would practically erase the borders between the countries.

“We are asking the leaders of the United States, Mexico, and Canada to be bold and adopt a vision of the future that is bigger than, and beyond, the immediate problems of the present,” former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and CFR member John P. Manley wrote. “They could be the architects of a new community of North America, not mere custodians of the status quo.”

More recently, the CFR applauded President Obama’s decision to erase the border – effectively killing national sovereignty – by granting amnesty for illegal aliens through executive actions.

“The accusations of imperial presidency notwithstanding, Obama did the right thing on this one,” CFR insider Julia E. Sweig wrote.

Do you think the error was intentional? Please post your comments below.

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