Jesselyn Radack
The Los Angeles Times
July 14, 2009

[efoods]Cyber security is a real issue, as evidenced by the virus behind July 4 cyber attacks that hobbled government and business websites in the United States and South Korea. It originated from Internet provider addresses in 16 countries and targeted, among others, the White House and the New York Stock Exchange.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration has chosen to combat it in a move that runs counter to its pledge to be transparent. The administration reportedly is proceeding with a Bush-era plan to use the National Security Agency to screen government computer traffic on private-sector networks. AT&T is slated to be the likely test site. This classified pilot program, dubbed “Einstein 3,” is developed but not yet rolled out. It takes two offenders from President Bush’s contentious secret surveillance program and puts them in charge of scrutinizing all Internet traffic going to or from federal government agencies.

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