The NSA failed to prevent two crossdressers from invading its headquarters despite the agency claiming its mass surveillance program helps thwart criminal activity.

Two men who were dressed as women tried to ram their SUV through a gate at the NSA headquarters in Ft. Meade, Md., on Monday, prompting security to kill one of the men and seriously injure the other.

“The FBI said … it was conducting an investigation with NSA police and other law enforcement agencies, and interviewing witnesses on the scene,” CNN reported.

Similarly, a former state correctional officer was charged with a string of shootings near the NSA headquarters earlier this month.

The NSA’s failure to anticipate these incidents at its own headquarters contradicts previous statements from officials claiming the NSA’s domestic surveillance would help stop such events from occurring.

In particular, former NSA Director Keith Alexander claimed the agency’s surveillance program foiled “50 potential terrorist events” and former FBI Director Robert Mueller claimed that if such dragnet surveillance had been in place before 9/11, it may have curtailed the attacks.

And the public is expected to believe all that despite the NSA’s failure to stop crossdressers from invading its headquarters.

That’s because the government is simply using the guise of “crime prevention” to hide its real intent behind mass surveillance: to control the population.

“The entire process that was adopted by the NSA and has been spread around the world through all the intelligence agencies is one of controlling and assembling information to be able to control the population, and not just in the United States but around the world,” former NSA official William Binney revealed, adding that bulk surveillance is destroying representative government in favor of authoritarianism. “In fact, we’re doing such a good job that the Russians and other we used to call totalitarian states are now adopting the procedures we implemented.”

“This basically tells you we’re on the wrong path.”

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