A couple of female Trump haters were caught on camera attempting to dispose of a large Trump campaign sign – but the pair were unable to get the sign in their car!

In the video reportedly shot in Gilbert, Arizona, “Warner” and “Lindsay” are frustrated as they struggle to get the massive sign into their vehicle, before a cameraman rides up on a bicycle to ask what they’re doing.

“What you guys doing?” the man asks.

“Taking it,” one woman responds.

“How come?” he follows up.

“Cuz, fuck Donald Trump,” replies the woman, as they continue to struggle to get the sign in their car trunk.

The derangement from anti-Trump liberals appears to be ratcheting up as we move closer to Election Day.

Last week, we documented an insane, machete-wielding liberal chopping down a Trump sign elsewhere in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


The Bilderberg group and the think tanks pushing the Chinese Century have a battle plan. Sections of Congress, millions of patriots, and the Executive Office of the United States are going to do all they can to counter the fraud clearly underway in many states.

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