Ingred Larson received an eviction notice from the county today. Why? For living in a tent on her own property. Yes. Really. She is being evicted for living in a tent on her own land.

10 years ago the city sewer line flooded her home with 10,000 gallons of raw sewage. There was a settlement, however the city/county wants her to hook back up to the county sewer system, but Larson does not want to, and would rather hook up to the septic tank system on her property. The county doesn’t want that, and is forcing her to hook-up to the city sewer.

WECT, weather

WECT, weather “I am prepared to deal with whatever comes,” Larsen said. “If I have to go to court or even if I have to go to jail because this is my land, this is my home.” said Larson…the use of a tent in Brunswick County must take place in an approved campground. The tent located on Larson’s property is currently in violation of a county ordinance and must be removed immediately. The letter also said if the tent is not removed, her case would be referred to Brunswick County’s legal department.”

It sounds like a battle of wills. But a battle that probably should never happen to begin with. When authorities use a camping ordinance to evict a property owner from their own property, what happens then?

In this author’s opinion, this is something that should never happen. If a landowner wants to live in a tent on their own land, let them be. Leave them alone. How are her rights being respected? Infringing on a landowners rights to live on their own land how they please is unacceptable.

Is this an overstep and abuse of power by the city/county authorities?

How is a property owner’s rights being respected and upheld?

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