Democrats are now outright rejecting Beto O’Rouke over his ‘doctor appointment’ livestreams and other apparent gaffes as the candidate struggles to stay relevant in the presidential race.

It’s almost as if some Democrats built up Beto in their minds during his senatorial race, and he’s failing to live up to those expectations.

For one thing, O’Rourke recently livestreamed his haircut, which wasn’t unlike his criticized dentist office livestream, despite the fact that he also recently declared his campaign would undergo a Hillary-style ‘reboot.’

This ignited a #NoBeto hashtag pushed by some Democrats on Twitter.

O’Rourke is also facing a lack of voter enthusiasm outside social media; for one thing, he’s been giving speeches to small crowds attended by those not necessarily on board with his campaign.

For example, last month he spoke to only a few dozen in Las Vegas:

Likewise, O’Rourke was greeted by a smaller-than-anticipated crowd in Iowa, the Washington Examiner reported in early April, adding that some in attendance were open to supporting other candidates.

“One Iowa student even ran into O’Rourke in the bathroom before the event started — except the student asked him if he was there to hear O’Rourke speak,” the outlet reported.

The candidate enjoyed surging popularity when ran against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), but interestingly Beto won Texas counties that Gov. Greg Abbott also won, and Abbott is just as conservative as Cruz, if not more so.

This may suggest that Cruz’s then-unpopularity among Republicans was also an understated factor in the race, and may partially explain why O’Rourke is having trouble sustaining the popularity he experienced last year.

President Trump has announced an initiative to gather stories of those that have been censored and smeared by Big Tech.

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