North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered the evacuation of almost 600,000 residents from the capital, Pyongyang, according to South Korean media.

The deportations of nearly a quarter of Pyongyang’s residents come as North Korea readies its sixth nuclear test – and a potential military strike by the US in response.

“Among those who were chosen by authorities to move are people whose relatives defected to South Korea, had been jailed in a prison camp, used drugs or counterfeit money, and produced, distributed or sold pirated films from the South,” reported the Korea Joongang Daily.

This implies that Jong-un wants to people in the capital who are less likely to aid foreign troops during an invasion.

“Population control was the pretext of the latest order,” said an anonymous insider. “But in reality, the purpose is to ‘purify’ the North Korean capital and allow only the loyal elite class to live there.”

That said, population control could be a factor if North Korea, which has lost millions to famine over the past few decades, considers Pyongyang a national redoubt.

The conflict in North Korea is deepening by the day; on Wednesday Infowars reported that China warned it will “react strongly” to the rogue nation’s nuclear threats.

North Korea may test an nuclear weapon on April 15 – the birthday of its founding president Kim Il Sung – as an act of defiance against the US strike group anchored off the Korean peninsula.

“The North Korean nuclear test scare comes just a few weeks after Japan began staging mass evacuation drills after Kim Jong-un test fired missiles and conducted rocket engine tests on intercontinental missiles,” reported The Sun. “The first exercise of its kind saw civilians young and old scrambling for cover as air-raid sirens wailed away.”

The Japanese government is already releasing public emergency measures in case of nuclear war.

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