British MEP and Brexit champion, Nigel Farage, unloaded on EU bureaucrats – specifically European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker – for turning a blind eye to police brutality during a referendum vote in Catalonia, Spain, that shocked the world this weekend.

Farage entered guns-blazing, blasting Juncker – who sat mere feet away – and the EU as a whole, inferring that Madrid’s violently oppressive treatment of peaceful voters was the embodiment of EU tyranny as a whole.

“I think European citizens… would be stunned that Mr. Juncker comes here for his one appearance in the Strasbourg session this week, and there is absolutely no mention made of the dramatic events that have taken place inside a European Union member state that is allegedly a modern democracy,” Farage fired off to moderate applause from the mainly globalist audience. “Yeah, I’ve called the European Union ‘undemocratic,’ I’ve called it ‘anti-democratic’ – but never, in my fiercest criticisms here, did I think we would see the police of a member state of the Union injuring 900 people, in an attempt to stop them going out to vote.”

“Whether or not it was legal, nationally, for people in Catalonia to have a vote, surely people are allowed to express an opinion.”

“We saw women being dragged out of polling stations by their hair, old ladies with gashes in their foreheads – the most extraordinary display, and what do we get from Mr. Juncker today? Not a dicky bird,” Farage continued, pointing directly at Juncker. “I think it is quite extraordinary that this Union is prepared to turn a blind eye.”

Farage went on to point out that if UK police were to respond in similar fashion to Brexit-related demonstrations, the international community would be clamoring for immediate hearings in front of the EU Court of Human Rights.

He also implied that the barbaric behavior of Spain’s ‘Civil Guardia’ police was a troubling omen in light of a push by some member states to establish a stand-alone EU paramilitary force, which could presumably carry out similar enforcement tactics against any group of people who resist the superstate’s agenda – such as Brexiteers.

“Knowing as I do, your advance plans – seven of you member states, with your military police, your ‘Euro Gendarmerie’ force, all I can say once again, is thank God we are leaving,” Farage said, referencing Brexit.

“If British police roughed up a Remain rally, EU would scream blue murder,” Farage later wrote on Twitter. “Yet they don’t even want to talk about violence in Catalonia.”

Images and videos released from Catalonia during the course of the weekend stunned the world as elderly women were bloodied and beaten by riot police who ruthlessly savaged peaceful voters and demonstrators with truncheons – even firing rubber bullets into crowds. Eventually, unarmed Catalan firemen intervened, attempting to protect local citizens, but they were also attacked by the Guardia Civil.

According to Catalan government spokesman Jordi Turull, the referendum passed with an overwhelming 89% support after more than two million ballots were counted.

However, the Spanish government has declared the vote illegal and claims it will not recognize the result, which will likely lead to further unrest in the region and the EU at large.

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