Nigel Farage made clear his opinion of French presidential candidate, Emmanuel Macron, saying that he views Macron as “the enemy” due to his support for internationalization and the European Union in the midst of Britain’s own exit negotiations.

Discussing the latest developments in France’s heated election race on his radio show, Farage tore into the phony ‘outsider’ and former Rothschild banker.

“My final thought on this – it won’t surprise any of you – is, of course, I see Macron as the enemy,” he said. “He’s the enemy of nation-state democracy.”

“He believes in the European project, he wants France to give away more power, he wants Brussels to be even stronger – and I can’t see that as in our interests when the Juncker’s and others are all lining up to try and punish Britain.”

He went on to commend Macron’s opposition, nationalist-populist heroine, Marine Le Pen, for her decision to step down as head of her party, Front National, to focus on her campaign for the remaining days leading up to the May 7 final vote.

“Whatever the sins of the past of Le Pen – and callers tonight saying, ‘She’s her father’s daughter, so she must be guilty,’ which I reject completely – perhaps tonight a clever move from her, saying she’s no longer the president of the [Front National], she’s just standing as Marine Le Pen.”

Farage was all-guns-blazing in an appearance on Fox News on Monday, pointing out that Macron is almost unanimously backed by the global establishment, which should tell voters all they need to know about the ‘vacuous’ candidate.

“Look, I’ve seen Obama backing Mr. Macron, Mrs. Merkel backing Macron, and the European Commission in Brussels – who are supposed to be neutral – backing Mr. Macron,” he said. “All I would say to you is that this man, Macron, has never been elected to anything; he’s never been tested under fire.”

“I listened to his speech last night – it was utterly vacuous. He had no policy at all, other than to say he will defend the status quo.”

“There is going to be a real debate here,” continued Farage. “In fact, in many ways, France is having a referendum on its European project membership.”

“This is a big, big battle of two huge cultural ideals: one, the globalists who believe in open borders, and the other – those who believe in nation-state and protecting their people.”

“I think this will run a lot closer than most of [the] commentators in Paris are saying today.”

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