Not content with collectively demonizing all white men over the Las Vegas massacre, Newsweek is now blaming Christians for the slaughter.

With the motive of gunman Stephen Paddock still unknown, Newsweek senior writer Alexander Nazaryan decided to impugn Christianity, headlining his article, “THE FAR RIGHT WON’T ACCEPT LAS VEGAS KILLER WAS A CHRISTIAN WHITE MALE.”

He did so despite there being no evidence whatsoever that Paddock, a hardcore gambler, whose family said he was not religious at all, had any strong Christian beliefs.

Paddock’s brother literally said the gunman had “no religious affiliation”.

Nazaryan even admits this in his own article, writing that Paddock was “a Christian by birth if not belief.”

In other words, Paddock wasn’t a practicing Christian and Nazaryan knows this but decided to lie and claim he was anyway to get a few outrage clicks.

His smear is made all the more egregious by the fact that the target of his ire – white Christian males – made up a significant portion of the victims of the massacre.

In an alternate headline for the article, Nazaryan claims that “the right” including Infowars “insisted” the shooter was radicalized.

In reality, we reported on what Sheriff Lombardo literally said during a press conference – that the shooter may have been radicalized and investigators are trying to uncover the source of that radicalization.

Nazaryan also takes time to tie his Trump Derangement Syndrome into the rant, asserting that Trump is fueling “paranoia” about the attack, despite the president having said literally nothing about the perpetrator’s potential motive.

The Newsweek writer began to catch heat from YouTube commentator Mark Dice over the piece. His only response was to call Dice a “snowflake”.

This follows on from yesterday’s CNN headline, “How America has silently accepted the rage of white men.”

I await CNN’s response to the next Islamic terror attack in Europe (we won’t have to wait long), which presumably will be, “How Europe has silently accepted the rage of Muslim men.” Or not. Most likely not.

“One undeniable factor in gun violence: men,” blasted a Time Magazine headline, failing to take account a myriad of other categories that almost exclusively feature men, including combat deaths, police officer rescues, firefighter rescues, suicides and workplace deaths.

The Independent also claimed that the massacre proves “masculinity is toxic,” another shameful charge when placed alongside images of men exercising their “toxic masculinity” to physically protect women during the shooting.


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