A Netflix show about a homosexual man with cerebral palsy jokes that “straight white men are canceled” in the promo for its new series.

The show – Special – has been described as “the gayest show on TV” and features what one critic calls “the most…realistic portrayal of gay sex that any TV show has seen for years.”

At the end of the promo clip for the show, a white man is shown sitting at a table during an office meeting.

His female boss then asks, “Diversity hire, you got anything?”

Before the man can answer, she adds, “I’m kidding, straight, white men are canceled.”

The full promo clip for the show was posted on Twitter over the weekend and already has over 4 million views.

While the original promo was met with gushing praise, the excerpt about “straight white men” being “canceled” prompted a backlash, with some vowing to cancel their Netflix membership.


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