Sam Greenhill
Daily Mail

October 24, 2011

Libya’s new prime minister today laid out a vision for his country’s new legal system saying it will have an Islamist tint and existing laws that contradict the teachings of Islam would be nullified.

Mahmoud Jibril outlined several changes to align with Sharia law, including putting caps on interest for bank loans and lifting restrictions on the number of wives Libyan men can take. The Muslim holy book, the Quran, allows men up to four wives.

Mr Jibril thanked those who fought and fell in the war, saying they ‘are somewhere better than here, with God.’

Displaying his own piety, he then stepped aside from the podium and knelt to offer a prayer of thanks. But, after Libya announced its official liberation from Colonel Gaddafi’s 42-year rule yesterday, the nation’s new leader said he wished the hated despot was still alive.

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