Struggling to win over the Hispanics who helped power Republicans to victory four years ago, New Jersey gubernatorial nominee Kim Guadagno went the opposite direction Monday, embracing a Trump-like call to crack down on sanctuary cities in the state.

Several cities and counties, including Newark, were deemed sanctuaries this year by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Mrs. Guadagno, the lieutenant governor in Gov. Chris Christie’s administration, said she is determined to bring them to heel.

“If elected governor, I will pass a law to ban sanctuary cities so politicians can’t prevent law enforcement from turning violent and dangerous criminals over to federal immigration officials for deportation,” said Mrs. Guadagno, hoping to make up ground against Democratic nominee Phil Murphy.

It’s the same tactic that Ed Gillespie, the Republican candidate in Virginia, is using to try to close the gap against Democrat Ralph Northam. Virginia and New Jersey are the only two states with governor’s elections this year.

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