New figures prove that the viewing audience for mainstream legacy media TV channels is literally dying, underscoring why the establishment is turning to censorship in a bid to strangle its competition.

“The extent to which the mainstream media’s influence is dwindling has been highlighted by new figures that show the average BBC 1 viewer is now aged 61, 62 for BBC 2, 60 for ITV, 58 for Channel 5 and 55 for Channel 4. The average viewer for C4’s supposedly hip sister channel is a hardly junior 42,” reports Westmonster.

The figures, reported by the Guardian, show that those aged 55 and over spend more than double the time (25 hours) listening to or watching the BBC than young people aged 16 to 34 (11 hours).

The results are similar when it comes to the average age of news channels in the United States. The average CNN median primetime viewer is aged 59, while the average Fox News viewer in the same slot is aged 68. Both of these numbers fall outside of the advertiser-coveted 24-54 age demographic.

The numbers emphasize how new media is biting huge chunks out of the mainstream media’s audience share thanks to more dynamic, controversial, interesting and on-demand content.

This is not a slight against people in their 60’s or above, it’s an insight into how the establishment media is completely failing to attract a new audience, who are increasingly turning to YouTube to get their entertainment and politics fix instead.

Polls also illustrate how the mainstream media is losing trust amongst all age groups, but particularly young people.

Generation Z (people born from the mid-1990’s to the early 2000’s) is more conservative than any generation since World War 2, and that explains why, as even VICE admits, the right is dominating YouTube.

The establishment media is so terrified, not just of conservative voices on YouTube, but of any independent creator with a huge audience of engaged young people – that they are now working with giant corporations to try to financially target and ultimately silence those voices.

Instead of competing on a level playing field in a truly egalitarian, capitalist system and allowing those with the better arguments that resonate with the most people to win, the establishment has embarked on a dirty tricks campaign to slander, economically cripple and censor its adversaries.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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