COMMENT: Note the increasing racial tension resulting from responses to the contentious Arizona immigration law. The Hispanic Ad Agency, Zubi Advertising (closely partnered with Hispanic TV giant Univision), says the ‘Gringo Mask’ they created is meant to be satire and not to be offensive, but the mask seems quite offensive and divisive in its primary message– a distinction between skin color rather than immigration status. Ironically, Zubi promotes the slogan “Erase Stereotypes,” yet seem to have perpetuated them in this case.

New face of immigration? Miami company creates ‘Gringo Mask’

Juan Carlos Pérez-Duthie
Florida Sun-Sentinel
May 25, 2010

Is it Halloween already? No, not yet, although for many Hispanic immigrants things seem quite scary in Arizona and for some in the Latino community, the state’s governor, Republican Jan Brewer, has assumed the role of big bad witch.

The reason: On April 23, Brewer signed into law a controversial measure, SB 1070, which allows the police to detain anyone whose immigration status may be suspect. And playing into this, of course, is the person’s appearance.

So, you don’t look the way you should in Brewer’s and the police’s eyes? No problem! Because here’s the solution, free of charge and readily available to anyone: the Gringo Mask!

And for this you may thank the leaders and the creative team of Zubi Advertising, one of the leading Hispanic advertising agencies in the nation, with headquarters in Miami.



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