April 9, 2011

Nero plays lyre as Rome burns

According to legend, Nero fiddled while Rome burned: Historians note the presence of rumors that Nero himself had the fires started; Christians were indeed persecuted as a result. It was said by Cassius Dio that Nero sang the “Sack of Ilium” in stage costume as the city burned. However, Tacitus’ account has Nero in Antium at the time of the fire. Further, the instrument would have been a lyre, not a fiddle, but it seems quite evident there is something to the legend of Nero’s blamed, if nothing more than to characterize the historical weapon of the false flag attack.

False flag attacks to manipulate support from the population is a tactic as old as time. As always, the question is qui bono?

In this clip, the tyrant Nero is classically depicted in an account of his fiddling (actually a lyre) while Rome burned. Although a trusted aide informs him that rumors are spreading that Nero was to blame, the Emperor has a plan to turn that blame around and pin it on his growing political enemy, the Christians.

The pattern of false flags is continued with modern examples and documentation in Alex Jones’ film “Terrorstorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism.” He exposes several cases among hundreds where governments, or shadowy entities thereof, have been implicated in terror attacks, including against their own people. Many of these examples are now declassified… others surely will be to one degree or another in the future.

The 1932 film ‘Sign of the Cross’ is believed to be in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. A short clip is used here for media commentary and criticism, as protected by ‘fair use’ under U.S.C. Title 17, Sections 106A-117.


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