Outspoken Donald Trump critic and neocon Senator Lindsey Graham will meet this weekend at the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden, Germany.

McClatchy reports:

Graham is likely to have been invited to speak about Donald Trump, whose unlikely rise to become the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has generated concern in Europe. In the last year Graham has compared voting for Trump to being poisoned, a Trump presidency to “booking a ticket on the Titanic” that could “lead to another 9/11” and civil war, and declared that his party has “gone bat—- crazy.” His insistence that electing Trump is dangerous, not only for the U.S. but also for its allies, mirrors the concerns of many European politicians who have listened to the businessman’s inflammatory statements with increasing alarm.

Graham, who launched a failed presidential bid, said last March his first act as president would be to deploy the military in Washington to force Congress to reverse cuts to the defense and intelligence budgets.

He is a fierce advocate of invading countries on the neocon hit list. In July 2013, Graham vowed to introduce legislation to authorize a military attack on Iran.

Stop Trump at All Cost

A regular Bilderberg attendee, Martin Wolf of the Financial Times, said in January the global elite must stop a Trump presidency.

Paul Joseph Watson wrote for Infowars on January 27:

In an editorial entitled The economic losers are in revolt against the elites, Wolf writes that economic “losers” have rejected “the elites that dominate the economic and cultural lives of their countries” and that “the potential consequences are frightening.”

Asserting that “it may already be too late” to stop the wave of populism that Trump has spearheaded, Wolf notes that elites have become, “detached from domestic loyalties and concerns, forming instead a global super-elite.”

This in turn has left ordinary Americans “alienated” and “abused,” with discord over high levels of immigration that only benefits big business leading to the view that elites are “incompetent and predatory.”

“Nativist populists must not win. We know that story: it ends very badly. In the case of the US, the outcome would have grave global significance. America was the founder and remains guarantor of our global liberal order. The world desperately needs well-informed US leadership. Mr Trump cannot provide this. The results could be catastrophic,” writes Wolf, adding that, “If western elites despise the concerns of the many, the latter will withdraw their consent for the elite’s projects.”

Earlier this week, we reported that discussion of the Trump threat is on the Bilderberg agenda.

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