Neo-con Never Trumper Bill Kristol suggested that he was too afraid to watch tonight’s presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, indicating a total lack of confidence in Biden’s ability to last the course of the 3 hour event.

“If it’s too nerve-wracking to watch tonight’s presidential debate, what do you recommend watching instead? #AskingForAFriend,” tweeted Kristol.

Kristol has vehemently opposed Trump’s presidency at every step of the way, criticizing him for withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan and announcing in February that until Trump was out of office, he was officially a Democrat. Kristol formally endorsed Biden in March.

Biden supporters who responded to Kristol’s tweet also let slip that they were scared of what could unfold.

“I agree Bill, I’m not watching either. Especially when they said they’re not fact checking, then what’s the point of a debate,” said one.

“I won’t be watching… It’s just too much TRUMP for me. I will be reading all yours and others commentaries tomorrow. I will be praying for Joe tonight though,” added another.

The reason for Biden supporters’ trepidation is obviously the fact that the former VP is barely able to get through a 3 minute television interview without making an embarrassing verbal error, so how does he expect to survive a 90 minute debate?

When Biden refused to undergo a drug test before the debate, President Trump asked, “Gee, I wonder why?”

Biden’s confused, befuddled demeanor and his endless verbal slip-ups are too numerous to individually name, but the upshot is that polls show 38 per cent of American voters think Biden has “some form of dementia,” including one in five Democrats.

Meanwhile, expect the media to declare Biden the winner of the debate no matter how horrendously he performs.

As one Twitter user remarked, “If #Biden makes it off the stage without soiling himself, the media will say he won.”


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