Our new country is going to be great!

From NBC Los Angeles:

Rat-infested piles of rotting garbage left uncollected by the city of Los Angeles, even after promises to clean it up, are fueling concerns about a new epidemic after last year’s record number of flea-borne typhus cases.

Even the city’s most notorious trash pile, located between downtown LA’s busy Fashion and Produce districts, continues to be a magnet for rats after it was cleaned up months ago. The rodents can carry typhus-infected fleas, which can spread the disease to humans through bacteria rubbed into the eyes or cuts and scrapes on the skin, resulting in severe flu-like symptoms.

Tucker Carlson has been chronicling the homeless epidemic in America over the past week:

Imagine if our media spent half as much time talking about the problems Americans face in our own country as they spend talking about the problems illegal aliens face illegally invading our country!

Millie Weaver joins Alex Jones live in study to present and breakdown a report by Katelin Bennett where she discusses abortion with a pair of young, brainwashed leftists in Galveston, Texas. One of the young women doesn’t believe in an end to the window of time in which abortion is allowed post-birth.

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