On the anniversary of the presidential election, anti-Trump liberals will gather at events across the country today to express their rage by ‘screaming helplessly at the sky’.

Despite one of the primary events having been canceled, many similar get-togethers will take place from Austin to Chicago, where leftists will literally engage in mass open air temper tantrums to signal how upset they are that Hillary lost.

A total of 26 different events are planned and some conservatives have responded by vowing to attend “watch parties” where they will bring along lawn chairs and popcorn to enjoy the show.

According to the London Evening Standard, up to 10,000 people are expected to gather at Washington Square Park in New York City, where organizer Nathan Wahl says critics are expected to show up “just to laugh” at the protestors.

Protesters in Eugene, Oregon already staged their tantrum earlier today, where they let loose with “primal scream therapy”.

Leftists who can’t make it to the organized events are being encouraged to just randomly scream at the sky wherever they may be.

“Just imagine for a moment the gorgeous videos that will come out of these screamfests,” writes Debra Heine.

Most of the individuals planning to attend the events are seemingly unaware that their behavior only reinforces the stereotype commonly known as “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” where hysterical anti-Trump agitators act out like petulant children by engaging in public hissy fits.

This was very much on display in the immediate aftermath of Trump’s inauguration, when numerous Hillary Clinton supporters were caught on camera crying uncontrollably, having panic attacks or screaming like psychopaths.

The full list of events can be seen below. If you’re anywhere near them, please for the love of God get footage.


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