Nancy Pelosi is still planning to block President Trump’s State of the Union speech despite the government re-opening after being shut down.

The Speaker of the House has merely promised discussions on holding the SOTU, which means that the address itself will almost certainly be postponed or even cancelled altogether.

“What I said to the president is when the government is opened we will discuss a mutually agreeable date,” Pelosi said, adding “I’ll look forward to doing that.”

CNN’s Jim Sciutto also confirmed that the SOTU will not take place this week and that there is “No information about when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might invite President Trump to deliver the address.”

A concurrent resolution must be passed to officially invite the president to House chambers, where Trump wants to make the speech in its traditional setting having ruled out an alternative venue.

According to USA Today, the exact day on if or when the speech will happen is “still up in the air.”

The situation will do little to assuage concerns amongst a growing number of Trump’s base that Pelosi is exerting more power than the president himself, with Trump looking increasingly weak in the face of her power plays.


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