California Democrat and Minority Leader of the House Nancy Pelosi told the wife of the former boss of the Federal Reserve there is no doubt the Russians hacked the DNC and provided WikiLeaks with a trove of embarrassing emails.

Of course, there is no confirmation the Russians are responsible, but that has not stopped the Democrats and their buddies in the establishment media from drawing conclusions.

Trevor Timm, writing for The Guardian, says they might want to hold their horses:

It’s amazing how quickly the media are willing to forgo any skepticism and jump to conspiracy-tinged conclusions where Putin is involved. He has been linked to everything from Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn, Greece and Spain. People treat him like an omnipotent mastermind who secretly and effortlessly controls world events. Here’s an idea: maybe we should stop giving him so much credit?

Pelosi did not reveal her source, but that’s fairly easy to figure out.

Most of the “evidence” on alleged Russian hacking comes from the cybersecurity firms FireEye and Crowdstrike. Both have lucrative contracts with the US government.

A Crowdstrike sister company, CrowdStrike Services, Inc., is run by a former FBI executive. FireEye received its venture capital from In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s information tech investment firm. It was the first cyber security company awarded certification by the Department of Homeland Security.

Left unsaid in the discussion is the fact the NSA leads the most sophisticated cyber attack group in the world. Called the Equation Group, it was discovered by Kaspersky Labs and outed in 2015 during the Kaspersky Security Analysts Summit held in Mexico. It is believed the group pioneered malware techniques later used in Stuxnet, a malicious computer worm developed by the US and Israel and used against Iran.

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