President Donald Trump received a stunning welcome in India Monday, as he visited the country to deliver the message, “America loves India.”

Addressing a crowd of over 110,000 at the Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad, President Trump joined Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a “Namaste Trump” rally meant to symbolize the strong ties between India and America.

“The felicitation event is called ‘Namaste Trump,'” the Prime Minister explained. “‘Namaste’ also has a very deep meaning. It is a word from one of the world’s oldest languages: Sanskrit. It signifies that we bow, not just to the individual, but also to the divinity within the person.”

Watch Prime Minister Modi introduce President Trump. Trump takes the stage in the video below at 11:00.

Footage ahead of the event showed throngs of Indians flooding the stadium where Trump was scheduled to speak.

One estimate claimed 7 million people were expected to line the streets as the president planned to drive his motorcade along a 22-mile stretch.

Footage from inside the venue showed a stadium packed to the brim of Indians eager to see the president whom some Indians actually celebrate with songs, prayers and statues.

The crowd also erupted when president Trump mentioned “Islamic terror”.

“The United States and India are also firmly united in our ironclad resolve to defend our citizens from the threat of radical Islamic terrorism,” the president said. “Both of our countries have been hurt by the pain and turmoil of terrorism and that terrorism brings under my administration we unleashed the full power of the American military on bloodthirsty killers of Isis in Iraq and in Syria.”

“America will always be faithful and loyal friends to the Indian people,” the president also told the crowd.

Fox News reports the rally “was a sequel to the ‘Howdy, Modi’ event Trump held with prime minister Narendra Modi in Houston last September.”

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