A former co-host of the popular Discovery Channel show MythBusters went into a Trump Derangement syndrome meltdown on social media over the weekend, accusing a black Trump supporter of white supremacy.

In a heated verbal altercation, former show host Adam Savage accused the black man of wanting to celebrate white supremacy for simply contending that wearing a MAGA hat in San Francisco would elicit hate.

“Walk down the streets of San Francisco in a MAGA hat then tell me who is hateful,” the man, who goes by the handle @WebsterGladwin, commented on one of Savage’s posts, to which the ex-Mythbuster replied, “Oh snowflake, I’m so sorry you don’t feel safe when you parade your desire to celebrate white supremacy, bring black coal, deny global warming, and take control of women’s bodies. That must be HARD for you.”

Ironically, Savage’s random burst of Trump derangement syndrome came after he penned a lengthy tweet screed claiming he didn’t lump “Conservative voters” in with his hatred towards the GOP.

When one person asked why conservative voters were excluded, Savage claimed he respected their opinions and would never “insult them.”

In 2017, Savage, who is supposedly dedicated to facts and scientific evidence, also busted the pesky myth claiming there are only two genders.

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