Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden was caught reading off a teleprompter once again when trying to answer a reporter’s questions.

In an interview with Telemundo on Monday, Biden was seen appearing to read from a teleprompter to his left when answering questions before facing the interviewer.

A wider picture shows the teleprompter Biden was referring to when clumsily answering questions.

At one point, Biden appears to lose his place in the teleprompter, telling the interviewer, “OK, I lost that line…”

The interviewer cuts in, saying, “That’s good, because we can talk, you and I…”

Speculation over whether Biden uses a teleprompter to get through media questions has grown in recent weeks, so much so that Biden staffers refused to directly answer whether the news was true or not.

The media tried covering for Biden so much that President Trump’s campaign released an ad proving Biden does use a teleprompter to answer questions.





Joe Biden stopped in Duluth, MN and walked up to a couple of MAGA hat wearing patriots who told him he doesn’t have a chance and he replied “I know” and “probably not”.

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