Multiple people were shot and at least two were killed during a ‘Juneteenth’ celebration party in Charlotte, North Carolina, with one eyewitness commenting, “If black lives matter, why are we shooting each other?”

“Started as call for pedestrian hit,” tweeted reporter Anne Marie Haggerty citing the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. “Police arrive on scene, hundreds of people in streets, then shots went off. Nine shot, 2 confirmed dead, 7 in hospital. Five hit by vehicles afterward, 14 total injured they know of. Evidence of multiple shooters.”

The shootout appears to have occurred during a Juneteenth party to celebrate the emancipation of slaves in America, but the violence appears to be mostly black on black, leading one eyewitness to ask, “If black lives matter, why are we shooting each other?”

The party appeared to be peaceful but was interrupted by speeding drivers doing donuts in the road before, “shots went off and people started running.”

“Preliminary information gathered during the investigation indicates that several shooters discharged dozens of shots in to the crowd who had been gathered in the area,” according to authorities.

The shooting occurred on Beatties Ford Road near Catherine Simmons Avenue. Some of the injuries came as a result of victims being hit by cars as people tried to flee the scene.

According to Hagerty, individuals at the scene subsequently attacked the local media for covering the story.


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