The mainstream corporate media is unquestioningly regurgitating Chinese propaganda that it’s experiencing no new coronavirus deaths, despite the communist nation’s lack of transparency and history of downplaying the coronavirus severity.

The Washington Post, NBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, Variety, Fox News, The Guardian, NPR, and others all accepted China’s report at face-value Tuesday while reminding readers that the U.S. is still experiencing daily coronavirus deaths.

Conservative journalists, politicians, and political analysts condemned the media’s eager willingness to readily report anything China says without independent verification or vetting of the information.

As we reported, China has gone to great lengths to suppress coronavirus reporting, purging US media from within its country and waging an information war to deflect blame for releasing the virus.

Will the Trump administration address the media’s complicity in disseminating Communist Chinese propaganda?

Alex Jones breaks down the confirmed reports of China shipping medical equipment contaminated with COVID-19 to the West.

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