After President Trump tweeted a comedy video showing Joe Biden rubbing his own shoulders, MSM uniformly released headlines calling the meme a “doctored” video.

The word “doctored” insinuates Trump intended to deceive people and the media is fully aware of their implications.

Watch the hilarious video Trump tweeted below:

Sadly, many headline readers will believe POTUS tweeted fake or edited footage in an attempt to fool people when it’s clear he was simply sharing a funny video.

See the dissemination of Democrat talking points for yourself in the following mainstream media headlines.

The creator of the meme Trump shared is Carpe Donktum, who happens to be the winner of the Infowars $10,000 NPC Meme contest held in November of 2018.

President Trump also tweeted a Carpe Donktum video in February that was deleted by Twitter over copyright claims.

Donktum has been a guest on Infowars’ The Alex Jones Show and War Room programs.

See meme master Carpe Donktum’s Infowars appearances in the two videos below:

On the topic of “doctored” videos, this flashback Paul Joseph Watson report breaks down the time mainstream media claimed Trump shared a “doctored” Infowars video of Jim Acosta karate chopping a White House intern.

Also, watch the mainstream media & late night comics collude to run cover for CNN’s Jim Acosta and frame Infowars.

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