Steve Vogel
Washington Post
March 26, 2009

The lines for the CIA were out the door at the spring career fair last week at George Mason University in Fairfax, and the Environmental Protection Agency and various Defense Department booths were doing booming business as well.

[efoods]Two months after President Obama took office vowing to make federal service cool again, career services specialists report an increase among college students who want to work for the government.

“Lots and lots of students lined up for the federal government,” said Alan C. More, employer in residence for U.S. government programs at GMU

“What we’ve seen across the board is an increased interest in government,” said Tim McManus, vice president for education and outreach at the nonprofit Partnership for Public Service. “We’re hearing from schools that they see government as an employer of choice. Government has been the afterthought option. It’s no longer a second choice.”

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