It wasn’t long ago that France passed a burkini ban in an effort to ward off Islamic extremism (see France Says “Enough!” Fights Islam by Banning Burkinis).

In the weeks since then, French police have been enforcing the new law. Officers have been confronting those who opt to rudely – and illegally – ignore the new rule. For instance, this woman chose to beach it up in Nice while snugly wrapped in a burka burrito.

Yeah, she got fined.

Police officers armed with pepper spray and batons marched onto a beach [Tuesday] and ordered a woman to strip off [her burkini]. It is thought the woman was given a warning about the dress code on the beach and was handed an on-the-spot fine.

Another young Muslim mother was ordered off the beach at Cannes and fined for simply wearing a headscarf. And just days ago, four women were fined 38 euros for wearing their burkinis on the beach in Cannes.

Now before we go on, I know what you’re thinking. Layered black clothing on a hot summer day? In the sand? Sounds like misery. No, that’s just Islam.


Secondly, to those of you spouting “What about personal freedom!” and “That’s so UNFAIR!” that’s fine to say, but this isn’t America. France is responding as France thinks best. It’s a push to take back their culture, and they’re taking baby steps to do so. Also read French Authorities Pushback, Command Halal Supermarkets to Sell Pork and Alcohol…

There’s been a bit of backlash regarding these events. And by “backlash,” I mean bristling leftists took to Twitter to angry-type their virtue-signaling. In the most predictable fashion, of course.

These Twitter savvy amoebas are upset that French police are telling women they must change or go home. Say, doesn’t Islam tell women what they can and can’t wear? Since France is telling women what to wear, they must be no different. Right?


Many leftists share the same sentiment as the previous tweet. France is “No different than ISIS”

But that’s a bit of an oversimplification. Also it’s totally wrong. See ISIS Raids Church in Normandy, France. Beheads PriestTwin Brothers Stab Entire Family… For Opposing ISIS, and ISIS Burns 19 GIRLS in Cages. For Refusing to Have Sex With Jihadists.

Yeah, so there’s a bit of a difference here. Largely being this gal still has her head, remains unstabbed and uncooked. Also, the officers had batons and pepper spray. Non-lethal weapons. Which they didn’t use. Just clearing that up.1

The real difference? Lies within the nature of the ban. Islam polices female clothing because it hates women. France isn’t going through all this simply because they hate burkini-clad beach broads. This is a preventive measure. For safety. Security. You know, because Islam is synonymous with terrorism.

France has instated a dress code for their beaches. If you don’t want to follow the dress code, don’t go to the beach. Going to the beach is not a right promised to the French. Okay? Okay.

Again, France is trying to take their culture back. You may disagree. You may hate it, even. Perhaps you’re one of the angry-tweeters with sore fingers. That’s your right. Also, put some lotion on its skin.

PC Principal gif

France has been exposed to a huge uptick in terrorism since the blind embrace of Islamic refugees, like the attack in Paris and Nice. And of course the Charlie Hebdo attacks prior to those in Paris. France doesn’t have a First or Second Amendment, either. So to compare what’s happening in France to how America is erroneous. Don’t fall for that trap.

Ever notice how terrorism tends to follow Islam around? Yeah, France learned that lesson the hard way. Now they’re taking steps to protect themselves. By ripping off the clothes of innocent ladies? No. By firmly telling them to change or leave the public area, because the public’s safety is at stake. It’s easy to sneak a few explosives under 20 layers of oppression.

Not to say that ALL Muslims are terrorists. Obviously. But hey, if the suicide vest fits…

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