On the same day that the now media-saturated McKinney, Texas incident occurred when a large group of black teens crashed a pool party and later clashed with white police officers, another black mob in Alabama attacked a random white family with fists and a Taser as they yelled, “Get that white!”

The Dawes family was attacked around 8:30 p.m. at a family-friendly event in the city of Florence that Friday evening. The 14-year-old son was initially hit from behind. He said at first he thought someone bumped into him but then knew better as the fists kept coming. That’s when the father stepped in to protect his son and the mob of 20 to 30 black teens turned their anger on him. The father suffered a broken eye socket and was tased at least 6 times, according to reports.

Nearby, Mrs. Dawes sat in the family vehicle with her 4-year-old son and dialed 9-1-1. She said there was so many of them, she didn’t know what to do. The teens eventually smashed out the back window of the vehicle, spraying glass shards on the young boy.

The group scattered when police arrived at the scene. No suspects have been apprehended and the investigation is still ongoing. Police say it was not gang-related and are not yet willing to call it a hate crime.

So what has been done about this attack? Well, the FBI reportedly ordered a two-day seminar for the Florence Police Department to instruct officers on “appropriate decision making” with incidents such as this. As it was further described on Facebook, “The class is designed to prepare first line supervisors for ethical and appropriate decision making in a changing world.”

In this “changing world,” attacks like this are on the rise across America in what can only be described as a new Progressive Crime Wave. Now that cops are hesitant to do their jobs lest they be labeled “racist,” the thug mentality has been emboldened to do whatever it needs without fear of much repercussion.

And the mainstream media is not shy about ignoring this Progressive Crime Wave altogether. With all of their focus on McKinney and zero on Florence, Alabama, there is enough proof to show that they have long succumbed to that old Jedi mind trick of nothing to see here, “move along.”

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