Dutch The Deacon
August 24, 2010

On August 21st 2010 I attended an annual traveling hip hop festival in San Bernardino, Ca. known as Rock the Bells. The event which spanned 4 US cities this year including San Francisco, DC, and NYC was promoted by a company knows as Guerilla Union. Since it’s inception in 2004, Rock the Bells has been a place where fans of underground hip hop both classic and current can come and enjoy their favorite acts and be exposed to a plethora of art, fashion and counter culture paraphernalia all with no visible corporate sponsorship which adds to the appeal of the event. Some of the notable acts who performed this year and who are also friends of the Alex Jones show were Immortal Technique and KRS-ONE.

chip card

Well Guerilla Union has shown its true colors as it waved the flag of controlled opposition in the midst of 25,000 fans. As I entered the NOS Event Center which housed the event I was appalled to find that cash was not being accepted for the purchase of food or beverages, instead; concert goers were informed that they would need to take their Federal Reserve promissory notes and exchange them for credits which would be loaded onto a card deemed the “GU” card. These cards were available at booths located throughout the venue and in the middle of the scorching 98 degree heat; the long lines were an inconvenience to say the least. As I approached the counter the thought dawned on me so I asked,” What if I have money on my card that I don’t use?” in which the reply was, “Oh don’t’ worry you can go to the booths marked refund at any time and they will give you the cash back.”

So here I am with my card which by the way had what looked to be a small microchip etched on the front of it and yy this time I was thirsty and in need of refreshment. I approached the concession stand and ordered a beer. The attendant took my card, slid it into a machine and said, “Ok your balance is $87.59.” That’s right amongst other crimes against humanity beers were warm and cost $12.50 for 20 oz.

Feeling outraged and confused by the fact that I was at an underground hip hop event being promoted by a company that I had come to know as one that went against the grain and snubbed its nose at the establishment, I proceeded to ask those around me how they felt about this GU card and the overwhelming consensus was what I expected one of disdain and disbelief.

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After watching a few acts in the all but unbearable sun, hunger started to kick in. My wife and I scanned the vendors in search of something that sounded appealing and with a short line and we came upon a BBQ stand offering what looked to be a nice selection of delectable eats. In line in front of us was a pair of event staff employees as indicated by their apparel. We struck up a conversation regarding the GU card and how what money making scheme it was since most people wouldn’t be willing to stand in a long line to get the balance that remained on their card at the end of the night. One of the staff members defended the card and said,”Hey it’s my money and if I want it I’ll go get it!” I tried to explain my position and went into the fact that this was prophetic and a sign of things to come only to be met with sneers chuckles as if I was some weird conspiracy nut which is a typical response from the uninformed masses. Well wouldn’t ya know as if by design people in the line started leaving and saying as they passed by, “The powers out and no one can get food!” WHAT!?!? I couldn’t believe what was unfolding in front of my eyes.

I stayed in line waiting for my chance to as the concession stand attendant what the heck was going on! As we approached the front of the line I could hear the woman behind the counter saying, sorry the power is out we cannot serve anyone right now.” Just as she said this the two employees in front of me pulled out a card of their own. This card was very different, it was red in color but I could not make out what it said but was shocked at what played out next.

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The gentleman flashed his card to the attendant and asked, “what about this card?” to which the woman replied, Oh sure we can take that card no problem” and proceeded to get the man and his co-worker a plate of food! I spoke with the woman and asked her when she expected the power back up to which she replied, “I have no idea”. I looked at the woman and told her “This is crazy; you don’t see anything wrong with this?” She had no response for me and as I made remarks regarding the prophetic nature of the event and how this was a sign of things to come I could see the event worker who at this time was enjoying his food shake his head as if to say this guy is crazy.

The hip -hop community has been targeted for indoctrination into the new world order!! If you look at Guerrilla Union’s Facebook page you will see some of the dissatisfaction. Coincidentally, you can no longer leave a message on their page!

This is dutch the deacon reporting to you live from the belly of the beast!!

Keep up the fight! Long live the Republic and the INFOWAR!!

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